Bathroom Design Process


During your initial consultation at our studio, we will discuss the key requirements for your new bathroom, reviewing key materials such as sanitary ware, tiles and joinery in order to hone in on your desired aesthetic. We will scrutinise how you want to use your bathroom space, whether it be incorporating a feature bath, walk in shower or double sink unit.


Following the initial design meeting we will progress to our detailed bathroom design phase for which we charge a fee of £500+VAT.

We will start by producing a layout plan and 3D renders of the bathroom. This is an incredibly useful design tool which allows us to bring the space to life and give you a very good idea as to what the finished room will look like. Unlike most bathroom designers, we will draw upon our in house interior designers to also review wider finishing materials such as feature lighting. paint, the electrical layout and accessories to deliver the full service bathroom design package. Following your review of the plans / design presentation, we will make any necessary changes and continue to refine the design until we have created your perfect bathroom.


Following the approval of the final design we will provide a detailed estimate breaking down the cost of your new bathroom materials. We can also provide estimates for additional finishing materials such as lighting, paint and accessories.