Interior Design Specialists in Greenwich

Interior Design Specialists Greenwich

Interior Design Specialists in Greenwich

As a London-based interiors and kitchen/bathroom design specialists, we at Pineapple Property believe that your home interiors deserve to look luxurious, chic and crafted to the highest standards.

Our Greenwich-based interior design team will strive to bring out your unique taste, style and personality in every design we create, while striking a balance between visual appeal and utility regardless of the brief or the budget.

Bespoke Interior Design Approach

We deliver a personalised approach to designing your home’s interiors. The whole process itself is collaborative. As such, we recreate and develop your vision of what you want for your home in painstaking detail—from the woodwork to the fineries to be installed.

To achieve this, we consult and meet with you multiple times, shaping and reshaping your ideal interior space—whether it’s the living room, kitchen or bathroom. We provide highly detailed layout plans and 3D renders of the potential designs for your space so you can visualise the beauty of the project. These designs will be revised until it passes your standards.

Once we gain your approval, we’ll send you an estimate, which includes the all the possible elements and prices of your final design. We take pride in having a highly experienced in-house construction team to supervise and oversee the project itself.

We will coordinate with our in-house team to ensure that the refurbishment project pushes through without any hitches. Not only that, we also have incredible relationships with various suppliers, letting us source high-grade materials, fixtures and fittings at a fair price. You can trust us to help recreate the aesthetics you want in every step of the way.

The Power of Visual Appeal

The bespoke designs we develop are incomparable. We ensure that we prescribe only to the highest standards of interior design. To achieve this, we offer a versatile spectrum of design options tailor-made to your desired aesthetics, eschewing the cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach that run-of-the-mill home designers have.

Let’s imprint your unique beauty, personality and taste into your home’s interiors. Contact our interior designers in Greenwich today so we can bring your vision to life.


No matter what the brief or budget, we have a passion for creating bespoke interior schemes that encapsulate our clients taste, style and personality.
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