Luxuriously Chic Interiors Made by Interior Designers in Fulham

Interior Designer in Fulham

Luxuriously Chic Interiors Made by Interior Designers in Fulham

Pineapple Property believes your home deserves to be the way you envisioned it: bespoke, luxurious, and chic. Their interior designers in Fulham can bring your vision to life and capture your unique taste, style, and personality, imprinting them to your home’s interiors. We strike a balance between aesthetics and utility, successfully melding form and function to create your home’s interiors, regardless of the brief or budget.

The Beauty Within

Gone are the days where your home looks bland and suburban. Our Fulham team offers a versatile spectrum of design options and styles tailor-made to your vision, eschewing the cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach typical home designers have. We bring out the beauty within you, letting it manifest through your interiors’ look and feel.

We develop bespoke kitchens, bathrooms and interiors, prescribing to only the highest of standards. We can develop a bevy of stunning designs that appeal to your taste and aesthetics—traditional, contemporary, modern, or even minimalistic. We also offer extensive range of options for storage solutions, finish and accessories.

The Pineapple Property Approach

We pride ourselves on our bespoke approach to interior design, making sure to develop what you wanted in painstaking detail—from the materials used to the accessories and accentuations to be used. Through consultations and meetings with us, we shape and reshape your ideal kitchen or bathroom into something visible and tangible until it becomes what you desired. Detailed layout plans and 3D renders of your space will be given to you for your approval.

Once the design passes your tastes, we send you a detailed estimate of the final design and then begin building it according to your aesthetic. Unlike most interior design firms, we have a highly experienced, very coordinated in-house construction team to oversee the construction project itself. You can trust us to have a hand with your interior refurbishment not just from the design process and finalisation, but at the building phase as well. Our excellent relationships with various suppliers let us obtain high-quality materials, fixtures, and fittings to build your bespoke interiors without overcharging you for them.

Beauty should be seen inside and out. Let our interior designers bring your vision to life. Book an appointment today.


No matter what the brief or budget, we have a passion for creating bespoke interior schemes that encapsulate our clients taste, style and personality.
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