About Us

We are a London based interiors and specialist kitchen / bathroom design studio and pride ourselves on railing against a one size fits all approach, offering a flexible range of design options across a broad spectrum of interior styles. Unlike most interior designers we benefit from an in house team dedicated to the coordination of projects requiring a greater element of construction works (please visit our project coordination page).

No matter what the brief or budget, we have a passion for creating bespoke interior schemes that encapsulate our clients taste, style and personality.

We adopt a detail driven approach to designing, procuring materials and fulfilling projects and utilise our extensive range of trade only suppliers to squeeze every drop of value out of the available budget.

We design and supply a range of kitchens across a variety of styles, from sleek contemporary design to stunning traditional kitchens and everything in between. We are able to produce eye catching 3D renders which allow us to bring the design process to life. We then add further layers and depth to the kitchen design process in the shape of floor and wall finishes, lighting and accessories.

Since its discovery by Christopher Columbus in 1493, the pineapple has become an enduring symbol hospitality, family affection and a warm welcome and in many cultures, remains a popular house warming gift to this very day.

Pineapples have for centuries featured in architectural and interior design, adorning doors knockers, lintels, decorative pillars, bed posts, wallpaper and chairs to name but a few. In years gone by it was also common for sailors to display a pineapple outside their front door as a means of announcing their safe return home from their time at sea, serving as an invitation for friends and family to come and visit.

We aim to source and/or design our clients a home that lives up to the many qualities that the pineapple has come to symbolise over the years.