Bespoke interior designers creating luxurious spaces across London and Kent

As top interior designers in London,  we pride ourselves on opposing the typical ‘one size fits all’ approach. Instead, we offer a versatile range of design options that encompass a broad spectrum of interior styles, from the stunning traditional to the sleek contemporary design, and everything in between. We are passionate about creating bespoke interior schemes that perfectly capture the unique taste, style and personality of every client.

Our team is inspired by the pineapple, which is a popular house warming gift symbolising hospitality, family affection and a warm welcome. We aim to design a home that lives up to the qualities that the pineapple symbolises. We deeply care about the personal vision and desires of our clients, and regardless of the brief or budget, we treat every project as an opportunity to improve their living spaces, homes and overall everyday life.

To learn more about our studio, including our specialisations, motivations and processes, head over to the About Us section of our website.

Our Services

While you can trust us to come up with bespoke interior designs for any space in your home, our team specialises in kitchen and bathroom design. We take the time to discuss with you the plans for your new space, so we can zone in on your desired aesthetic. Together, we shall flesh out how you want to use your space and how you want it to look, and get a grasp of the details and functionality to work into the design.

Our team benefits from a wide range of contacts from whom we can get large trade discounts on materials, fixtures and fittings. Unlike most interior designers, we also have our own in-house construction team who oversee and coordinate projects from initial design to the build phase. Check out our portfolio to see for yourself what we can do for your home.

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